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Monthly Archive: April 2018

Arrival Of A Child

The biggest happiness that comes in a marriage is the arrival of a child. Children are believed to be miracles from God that bring in happiness and liveliness to a family. They are beings that need constant love, attention and care. Therefore, bringing them up and looking after them is a challenging task.


The happy moments begin from the time the mother is expecting the baby. In order to get a healthy child, it is essential that the mother is looked after with a lot of care, as well. This is also the time when the parents take time and the pleasure of buying different toys and clothes for them. They also use this time to paint a beautiful room and arrange it with all the baby furniture and place all kinds of toys for them.

Happy News

Once the tiny human is born, everyone in the family is excited and wants to have a chance to have peek or carry the little one just once. The infant then starts to just open its eyes and everyone appreciates their first yawn, sneeze and all other bodily functions. The most mesmerizing thing in a new born is their laugh, which brings joy to anyone who experiences it.

Looking after the Child

Apart from all the happiness that is brought out during this time, the parents are subjected to a lot of hard work as bringing up a child can be very hectic. They have to change their sleeping patterns since it would wake up at odd times or sometimes would be up crying at night as well. The most undesirable matter when looking after babies, for both the mother and the father, is changing of diapers, but this is indeed a very important task. Some parents prefer to keep their little ones in baby cots Sydney while others prefer to make them sleep on their own beds. Parents must also give lots of attention to the feeding times of the kid.


Growth happens really fast from being a wobbling little infant to a toddler. Though there is a fast paced growth, infants undergo development at different times from each other. Gradually they start to learn to grab things into their little hands and also learn to taste different types of food. When they start to crawl all over the house and pick things up parents have to be very careful in leaving things lying around. They would gradually learn to sit up straight without needing any balance.

The Firsts

Generally, mothers and fathers look forward to their child taking the first step. Another likely anticipated moment is when they speak the first word where most of them call their mother, where as some just tell a name of a random thing. After this the child starts to easily communicate with other people using words and actions.


Though history has made it as such that the mother has to look after their child, it is of importance that both parents equally contribute to the well-being of their child.