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Monthly Archive: February 2018

How Can You Stop Smoking?

Did you start smoking as a joke one day with your friends but one day when you bought a pack of cigarettes on a bad day and smoked and felt relaxed, you found that you could not stop, and ever since then, you have been smoking for several years now? Or do you live a very stressful life and feel that smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks and partying hard is the only way you can deal with all of that stress and relax? No matter what your reasoning for smoking may be, if you really want to quit smoking, you must admit to yourself that it is extremely harmful for your body. If similar to the second example, you think that it is the only way you can deal with your stress, you should research and try different methods of relaxation. If you suffer with racing thoughts every night and that is why you smoke, you can instead try to start journaling and write down all your thoughts on this journal of yours until you no longer have any thoughts. You can try exercising and slowly build up your tolerance levels and after an intense workout or if you exercise for a long period, your brain releases endorphins that give you a similar feeling of joy compared to what drugs and cigarettes give you. Read below to see many more ways you can stop smoking.

Try vaping instead

What a lot of individuals do not realize is that sometimes, the reason they feel so relaxed after smoking a cigarette is because of the action of inhaling and exhaling intentionally. This can be the case when someone has just started smoking. It is even a yoga and meditation technique to exhale intentionally and slowly. So if you are having trouble stopping yourself from smoking, you can try using a vape pen. You can vape different herbs, waxes and oils instead of the harmful tobacco and smoke and it will still give you the same effect due the act of breathing intentionally similar to if you were to smoke a cigarette. You can even try vaping lavender based products if you have trouble relaxing or falling asleep as the scent of lavender alone is highly relaxing.

Educate yourself on the side effects of smoking

Besides inhaling relaxing waxes through your weed vaporizer Australia, another great thing you can do that will help you stop smoking is to educate yourself and learn more and in depth about the dangers of smoking.Smoking can not only badly damage your lungs but it can also make you develop dangerous types of cancers such as throat cancers.