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Types Of Roses And Their Meanings

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Flowers are the ultimate source displaying affection to someone special. Therefore, you, in at least one point of your life would have rewarded someone with them, or you will in the future. Out of the many varieties of flora available for these purposes, roses are perhaps the most commonly used and adored kind of all. Due to its popularity, roses are used in different colours to give out different messages to the recipients. Below are the colours and the meanings of such roses that you will or have already used for various purposes.

Red roses

Red roses are for the lovers! Simply said, there are two words that can describe a red rose; love and romance. Most people tend to use these to display affection or love to another in a romantic way. Therefore, these are often used on Valentine’s Day and anniversaries where lovers decide to display their affections for each other. The primary reason to use red roses for this purpose is that it depicts beauty and perfection.

White roses

These are the ones, the white roses that lets you celebrate a new start. Yes, that is right! White roses are not just limited for weddings. In fact, the primary reason for them to be used at weddings is the factor of them symbolizing a new beginning. Therefore, whatever new beginning it may be, you are free to use a white rose or even to gift it in order to symbolize that. However, if you are planning to purchase a flower online HK to place at a memorial, a white rose would be ideal as it is also used in occasions of remembrance.

Yellow roses

Yellow rose is most undoubtedly the most perfect birthday flower HK that you can gift to a good friend. In fact, yellow roses are known to depict friendship, good health as well as joy. Therefore, if you have a friend that you value in a great scale, gifting him/her with a yellow rose would be a way of sending a silent message that symbolizes your immortal friendship. In addition to that, these could also be used to be sent in joyous occasions.

Orange roses

Orange roses are considered to be the wild one of the rose family. I t is known to depict passion and enthusiasm. Therefore, this is the perfect fit for an exciting event or occasion, where you could share their celebration alongside.

Make sure that you pick your rose carefully and according to the colour of your purpose as well as your preference.