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Monthly Archive: October 2017

Guide To Buying Printer Cartridges

If you’re using a printer at home, one thing that you dread is your cartridge running out. Then comes the hassle of looking for compatible cartridges and drowsing a selection of cartridges to find out which one fits your requirements the best. 

There are 2 main types of printer cartridges which are ink and toner cartridges. You have to know which type of cartridge is compatible with your printer before you purchase it. Ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers. These printers have ink jets that will pray the liquid ink on to the pages. Toner, on the other hand, is a powder that has tiny microscopic plastic particles. This is used in laser printers. You can buy laser cartridges online as well which makes the task more convenient for you. What happens here is that the powder becomes electronically charged and then it is heated before applying it onto the paper. This application is carried out by a rotating drum located inside the printing device. You can receive a faster and more efficient printing from the laser printer when compared to inkjet printers. Therefore, laser printers are preferred when it comes to large scale printing productions. You may wonder which option is the better choice for you. You will have to think about your quality requirements, budget and overall usage before you settle on a laser or inkjet printer.

Generally, ideal printer ink cartridges are less costly that toner cartridges. But you will have a greater yield with laser cartridges i.e. you can print more pages with it. So you have to think about how much you will be using the printer. If you’re only using it for light home use, you will be fine with an inkjet printer. But if you have to print often or if you’re purchasing a printer for work purposes, you will find it is easier to work with a laser printer. You can also look into high performance inkjet printers whose output matches that of a laser printer. But they can be quite expensive and you will have to refer to your budget.You have to consider speed and performance when purchasing a printer. The quality of images and text that you print is also a priority. You will get more accurate colour blending in an inkjet printer than a laser printer. Look into the different types of cartridges so that they can match your performance requirements. There are OWM or original equipment manufacturer cartridges that are highly reliable, compatible cartridges by third party companies that is a more cost effective option and refurbished cartridges.